Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jeans for Genes, the Morning After!

well... maybe several morning afters!
Sorry for the radio silence, but dont worry, we are not planning to pack this blog up and pretend sickle cell never happen

Even though this blog was utilised effectively for the dissemination of information about Jeans for Genes, it was primarily set up to give constant information about sickle cell in general, and one persons journey with sickle cell in particular!

We will have news items for you from time to time, plus interesting fictional and non-fictional posts so please check our blog as often as you can
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So Jeans for Genes 2 finally held after all the pre-show publicity and hype!
It held at Swe and yes, it started right on time (3pm) with the Red Carpet and Market
We had cameras from MTV covering the initial proceedings for our event exhibitor, YAT, i.e, Youth Are Talking. Youth Are Talking focuses on HIV /AIDS awareness
We also had initial backstage craziness, and networking!
That was fun!

The show started proper at about five with a runway mash-up (a mix of tees from various designers, including the YAT and THESE GENES tees!)
And then, music, fashion, music, fashion, music, fashion....

Our thank-yous come soon, and of course, pictures and more details from the show, but just to let you know that we were able to raise some money for SAMI (Sickle-Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative).
We will present them with the money next week, and hopefully, the lady who needs treatment can thank you guys at some point!

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