Saturday, August 1, 2009

Falling in love with a sickler

So what happens if you fall in love with someone living with sickle cell
Thats what i got asked yesterday!

Maybe someone shd ask my exes cos they never seemed to mind

Ill say this tho...

Be prepared and realistic
Love does conquer a lot as families of people living with sickle cell can attest, and love helps us thrive better. Knowing we are wanted

1. Dont be afraid to speak about it and learn what being a sickler means to that person!

2. Find your own special way of dealing with it. My family and i, we use humour. What is your thing

3. Always be there, always be in love, never make them feel like a liability

Ill write on my own personal experiences in terms of love, next!

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Anonymous said...

Though in my late teens, i know what it is to leave with Sickle Cell Anemia,My Mum try to abuse me @ time bt i try not 2 think bout it. lisyn 2 people like U every morning make my DAY. bt pls accept my friends request on FaceBook. Thanks.Hordun@yoR.