Sunday, August 23, 2009


A member of the THESE GENES team has been ill for a bit. It really was sad but we believe that he will get out of it and be healed completely in Jesus name.

When people living with sickle cell fall ill or die, people seem reluctant to tell me, or when they do tell me, they look at me to see my reaction
My reaction hardly varied though.

It is very sad to hear that someone is ill, or that someone has died. But ever since i realised that it is not how long one lives that counts but how well, i learnt to celebrate the hours one has, and stay connected to GOD.
Death is promised to all, so that has never been a fear of mine.
My biggest fear is being alive but not breathing.

I salute Subi who is one of the most 'alive' people i know who lives his life to the max!
It is well with him

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