Monday, February 22, 2010

Fill in the blank space...

and add 'Genes, Jeans and/or Tee shirt' where appropriate

So it's a few weeks to the next 'These Genes' gig and I'm already excited. Overtly so if I may add. Yeah, I'm also asking myself inwardly if everything is alright with me. Guess I'll blame it on my experience at the first gig. They go as follows

1. It remains one of my best networking experience. Even the usually stuck up Lagosians acted normal that day. (might have been the air condition though) Well, most of them are good friends now. (with ME o !!!)

2. (I forgot to add that this list comes in no particular order) The male topless models for Ouch. Hopefully there'll be a repeat perfomance. There's just too much emphasis on females on the runway these days. #Whathappenedtogenderequality?

3. The team . I really can't remember everyone but I do remember there was chemistry . and fun. and positive team work. and patience. at least till I called the wrong set of models for the wrong designer or models when an artiste was on stage . What can I say ? we are human after all. Especially me ;)

4. The models. Almost all of whom were volunteers . I loved the eagerness in their eyes . Their passion. and their determination to conquer the runway (ok, whatever that is !) But honestly, they rocked. Both the amateurs and the pros. and they really conquered the runway !

5. The artistes . If you love to party and have lived in lagos for a second, then you'll know quality gigs don't come cheap. or free for that matter. Except you are a celeb. and after factoring logistics and the cost of trying to look good, it still comes to a stupor. Well, except you are stinking rich. (and in the first place, I was refering to the nobodies like me and not you guys anyways so...)

Back to the gist, the best of the best performed. and I watched them all. FOR FREE . Take this from a wannabe groupie. (I think I'll still write about them later sef ) You never can tell,I might just get more free invites.

6. The sales. For someone who feels window shopping is a balm for the broke, imagine my reaction when I found out that so many prices (of tees, accessories, jeans and other fun stuff) had been crashed for These Genes. Yeah, stoic cheapskate till death !

7. City Mall. I'll state my reasons later

8. ( Once again, remember this list comes in no particular order ) The cause. I feel it is good to help when we can. and I probably would have loved to help more. But seriously, nothing beats fun help. That's my term for helping and having fun at the same time. or on another note, These Genes Volunteering :)

In the past, I have had to volunteer in the sun and under worse conditions. ( This is not me trying to brag or whine o, I am just trying to convince you to volunteer for These Genes o) Especially if you have never volunteered before. Trust me, it's a one in a lifetime offer. (lifetime being 2010)The chances of getting a volunteering job that encourages you to do what you love to do, with people that rock ( I almost said make sense) and in an airconditioned environment is quite slim. Very slim.

and lastly, I lost a little and very bright friend some years ago. We all used to joke that she was way beyond her age, and loved when she asked us grown up questions or acted like an adult. Her energy was overwhelming. She was just five years old, yet you could see the world in her eyes when she spoke. She lit up any room she occupied. and she was an only child . Her first attack did her in.

She was a friend to my little cousins. A daughter to my aunt's and uncle's really close friends.

But her death touched us all and left a scar. and this is just one of many tales. (I'll try to write more soon)

Sickle cell affects everybody one way or the other. Try to make a difference .Do something positive about it.

( say like, buy a These Genes Tee shirt, make a donation , Tell a friend about it or just get involved)


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