Wednesday, February 17, 2010


JEANS FOR GENES 2... where fashion meets music!

It is a teeshirt and jeans party this time around, and how creative can YOU get?

Inspiration comes from Toni Payne, OUCH and 5ve, with music by Lami, Loose Kaynon, Skuki, S.K.A.L.E.S and Hakym the Dream

More houses to come, more artistes to perform

there will be teeshirts on sale before and on the day, and we are trying to raise money for someones hospital bills!

so lets have a drink, dress our jeans up, take pictures, laugh, and give back!

sickle cell affects everyone directly or indirectly, but some of us still look good in these genes!

By the way, JEANS FOR GENES needs YOU O... if you are

- a photographer

- a videographer

- an accessories designer

- a make-up house

- into pr/promotions/marleting/publicity

- in the media

- a designer

Please send TOSYN BUCKNOR (she wrote this note) a message!

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Nutty J. said...

Hello...I saw the clause which goes:

''Please send TOSYN BUCKNOR (she wrote this note) a message!''

That is the thing...I havent seen an email address anywhere...can u reply this comment with one...

or email me at so I can get an email addy for u.